Members of the public are welcome to attend any of the commemorative services held at the Shrine of Remembrance.

  • 2/8th Battalion Infantry Association with Macarthur St Primary School 2018

    7 November 2018, 11:00am

    Wreath Laying at Memorial Tree C58

    Shrine Representative:

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    The 2/8th Australian Infantry Battalion Association will be joined by Macarthur St Primary School for the commemorative service, as part of the Shrine's ongoing 'Adopt an Ex-Service Organisation' program.

    Raised in Melbourne at the outset of the Second World War, the 2/8th first saw action in North Africa as part of the 6th Division before participating in the disastrous Greek and Cretan campaigns. Withdrawn from the Middle-East in 1942 the Battalion returned to Australia for jungle warfare training before seeing action against the Japanese in New Guinea in 1944-45.

    The Battalion commemorates the service of its members in November each year. The Battalion suffered 94 killed and 272 wounded during the Second World War.