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The Eternal Flame

On 28 February 1954, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II stood on a podium in front of a crowd of 250,000 people and pressed a button to light the Eternal Flame. It has burnt ever since. Today, the Flame provides a focus for ceremonies and is saluted during marches.

Designed by Ernest Milston, the Eternal Flame symbolises eternal life. The belief is that if the Flame does not die, then neither will the memory of the fallen. In 2019 the burner was replaced and the flame was serviced to ensure it can continue burning brightly. The flame was kept in a small lantern to keep the fire burning, and this is done each time it is serviced.  

Visitors continue to pay their respects at the Eternal Flame today, and you will often see a wreath laid here in remembrance. 

The Shrine's Second World War Forecourt

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