Selfless 2018 hand-cut acetate stencil, aerosol acrylic on canvas by Sean Burton
28 March 2020 - 31 July 2022

Between Two Worlds

Immerse yourself in the visual world of three contemporary artists who explore the experience of being a recent veteran. Traversing painting, sculpture and street art, each artist interrogates notions of identity, dislocation and resilience.

Art has become a powerful voice for these veterans. Finding a therapeutic benefit in the creative process, they have developed a unique visual language to represent both their own personal experiences and shared issues facing many young service men and women today.

Through a mixture of humour, subtlety and vibrantly rich iconography, their art represents a conversation between the wider veteran community and those of us who have never served.

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View the accompanying Room Brochure for the exhibition to discover more about the artists and the works featured in the exhibition

Meet the Artists

Meet the veterans and artists behind our contemporary art exhibition Between Two Worlds.

Meet the Artist: Rory Cushnahan Meet the Artist: Sean Burton Meet the Artist: Ben Pullin

In the news

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Between Two WorldsExternal Link
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