The Galleries of Remembrance are closed for maintenance on Wednesday 28 February. The Shrine’s commemorative spaces remain open for visitors.
Stories of service and sacrifice may cause distress.
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The Garden of Remembrance and Post-1945 Memorial

Modern Veterans often felt disconnected from the main memorial areas of the Shrine that largely focus on the First and Second World Wars. Former Trustee Colonel George Mackenzie suggested a new memorial, surrounded by a garden.

The Garden of Remembrance memorial opened in 1985. It is a memorial to all who served in conflicts and peacekeeping missions since the Second World War. Countries where Australians served, are listed on the wall behind the waterfall and on the stones surrounding the pool. Unlike other places on the Reserve, this is an evolving memorial.

The pool, waterfall and plants are symbolic of the terrain of these conflicts. In 2010 the garden expanded to incorporate more plants. This meant special plants like the Vietnamese palms could feature.

Recent conflict veterans find this is a place of peaceful reflection and commemoration. Each year the Shrine holds services at this memorial for veterans of these conflicts.

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