An engaging hands-on program with replica and real Great War equipment.

Duration: 90 minutes

Years 5 to 6

How did ordinary Australians experience the challenges of the Great War? In this engaging hands-on program, upper primary students will see and touch replica and real Great War equipment, artefacts and keepsakes to understand how an entire generation had their lives changed for ever by war. Students will visit the Sanctuary, the Crypt and the Gallipoli boat, they will think and talk about the choices and decisions ordinary people made in the years 1914 to 1918, and they will learn about the origins of the Shrine as a memorial of the losses and sacrifices Australia made in those years.

Selected curriculum links:

  • Australia’s connections with other countries and how these change people and places (VCGGK098)
  • Explain the significance of an event and an individual or group that influenced change in the Australian colonies and in Australian society since Federation (VCHHC087)
  • Discuss how ethical principles can be used as the basis for action, considering the influence of cultural norms, religion, world views and philosophical thought on these principles (VCECU010)

Reviewed 05 July 2021

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