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The Legacy Garden of Appreciation

‘Legacy’ is an organisation that supports the families of servicemen and women who have died or given their health in their service. It was founded in 1923 and one of its early leaders, Colonel Sir Alfred Kemsley, was also a Shrine Chairman from 1978-1983.

This garden symbolises the loss felt by families when their loved ones did not return home.

The central focus of the Legacy Garden is the beautiful bronze statue by Louis Laumen of a mother and her children. If you stand behind the garden and look up at the Shrine, it appears as if the figures are climbing the steps to lay their wreath. 

The garden around the statue has red poppies planted each year for Remembrance Day. The rest of the year the garden has red salvia plants. The flower beds are surrounded by a rosemary hedge, symbolic of remembrance.

Each year Legacy holds commemorative services at the Shrine. 

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