Stories of service and sacrifice may cause distress.
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Shrine guided introduction - guided school program

Students will tour the Shrine's unique memorial spaces and learn about the symbolism of the building's original features.

Duration 60 minutes

Years 7 to 12

On a tour of the Shrine’s unique and beautiful memorial spaces, students learn about the reverberations of war for Australians across time. Students will visit the Sanctuary, the Gallipoli boat and other displays in the Galleries of Remembrance, and they will learn about the symbolism of the building’s original features as well as its more recent additions. This tour can be customised to include a focus on any one of the following areas of interest: First World War, Second World War, Vietnam War, Peacekeeping, recent conflicts (Iraq and Afghanistan), or Indigenous Australians at War. To customise your tour, simply choose one of those options when you make your booking.

Selected curriculum links:

  • A range of History curriculum points under the topic The modern world and Australia: Australia at War 1914–1945
  • Analyse contemporary examples and issues relating to Australian democracy and global connections, including key aspects of citizenship in a pluralist society (VCCC035)
  • Acknowledge the importance of empathy and the acceptance of diversity for a cohesive community and reflect on the effectiveness of strategies for being respectful of diversity and human rights (VCPSCSO048)