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A black and white photo of the dedication of the Shrine of Remembrance, 1934.

Shrine of Remembrance 90th Anniversary

On 11 November 2024, the Shrine of Remembrance will be marking the 90th anniversary of its opening. 

In 1934, Prince Henry, the Duke of Gloucester and son of King George V, officially opened the Shrine before a crowd of 300,000 people—nearly a third of Melbourne's population.

Since then, this iconic landmark has stood as a symbol of honour, sacrifice, and remembrance, paying tribute to those who have served and sacrificed for our nation.

As we mark this momentous occasion, we invite you to be part of a journey through history, celebrating the Shrine's legacy of resilience and reflection. Together, let's ensure that the spirit of remembrance continues to resonate for generations to come.

Special events, exhibitions and activations will be held throughout 2024 to celebrate.


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